Reduction of nutrients

Reduction of nutrients in Västervik

Local Action Plan Process CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION Västervik Municipality has a long coast and an extensive archipelago. It provides many opportunities for development, but also includes responsibility for the Baltic environment. Västervik archipelago, covered by about 5000 islands, offers a variety of outdoor activities and a rich fish selection. Most of the bays are deep with […]

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Spatial planning in agricultural landscapes

Methods and processes of cooperative planning CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION Several studies have described how measures can be placed more optimally in the landscape to reduce the nutrient load to lakes and coastal waters. Ongoing climate change increases the risks of drought and floods and is also a driving force for more optimal implementation of measures from […]

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Map services – tool for enhancing data availability

Publicly data used for planning against environmental problems CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION In Sweden there is a lot of data publicly available, which could be used for planning measures against different environmental problems related to water. There are several issues concerning how to make this information easily accessible for those who are planning measures, and who eventually […]

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