Expansion of usage of river bank territories

Ecosystem service evaluation

Strengthening of integrated spatial planning CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION Planning process involves more or less only land use planning and it is facing problems of different problem-solving instrument introduction in planning process. In higher document of planning “Sustainable Development Strategy of Latvia until 2030” (https://www.pkc.gov.lv/lv/valsts-attistibas-planosana/latvijas-ilgtspejigas-attistibas-strategija), two from seven priorities are – innovative and eco-efficient economy, and nature […]

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Information technologies for floods monitoring and short-term forecasting

How to design and build a user-friendly information system for hydrological monitoring and river floods short-term forecasting CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION Creating and wide utilizing flood monitoring and forecasting systems is a very important issue when making decisions on loss prevention activities or planning the development of territories. The frequency and the severity of the effects of […]

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